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Landscape Photography

Behind the Scenes eBook


This book takes a unique approach to teaching landscape photography, following the stories of twenty images from location to final edit. Each chapter explores the decisions made, the composition techniques used, the settings and edits applied: everything which goes into creating a photograph from the landscape.

The eBook features 260 pages of detail and explanation for a complete look at how landscape photography works. Using guides to the creation of each image, we explore how to apply photography techniques in practice. The book goes beyond the basics of photography and rules of composition, and explains why we are drawn to subjects, how to lead a viewer around a scene, and what makes up our photographic style.

From Landscape to Edit

Each chapter is a behind-the-scenes guide to every stage of creating a single photograph. Rather than teaching photography one setting at a time, this book integrates the whole process: from finding a composition in the landscape, through setting up the camera, to editing the image.


The chapters don't just describe what I did, but why I chose particular settings or editing techniques and how they connect to make the final image.

An Honest Discussion

The guides are like being on location and in the studio with me, with every decision explained and discussed. This book doesn't teach photography through perfect, finished images. It shows the mistakes and compromises, the variations or options I considered, and the challenges of shooting in real locations.

The Whole Process

Each chapter has a progress bar to help navigate through the making of the image step-by-step

On Location

How I approached the landscape and conditions at the scene

Read Anywhere

This 260-page eBook is available as a download from a private link after purchase. It is in PDF format and can easily be displayed on a variety of devices.

Landscape Photography

Behind the Scenes eBook


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