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portrait of a photography in front of a mountain

About Me

Hi, I'm Kevin, a landscape and travel photographer with experience exploring fifty countries with my camera. My photographic style is based on simple arrangements, rich colour and finding shapes and patterns in the landscape.

I specialise in independent travel for photography, spending time in each location to explore the landscape and uncover new compositions. I hope my articles and books can help you with your own images and adventures.

Shutter Safari

Shutter Safari is a project to create a comprehensive set of resources that help photographers plan trips and get the most out of the places they visit. 

We all want to explore and discover new compositions and images, but it also helps to learn from the experience of other photographers. Researching photography trips has helped me get the right balance between finding great locations and spending time exploring new parts of the landscape.

This website captures the best of my research and experience in a collection of landscape photography and travel advice, where you'll find articles showing how I create my images, advice for making the most of your own photography adventures, and guide books on travelling for photography. 

Photography Travel Guides

My goal is to create a set of travel resources helping photographers to plan their trips. So far I have written three destination ebooks, that work as travel guides aimed at photographers.

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