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Photography Travel Guides

Guidebooks for Photographers

Photography Travel Guides are a set of travel resources created for photographers, by a photographer. Each guidebook captures the information you need for a photography trip, structured to make it easy to plan your journey: 

  • The travel section features advice on how to get to and around the country, based on where you might want to visit as a photographer. It includes the best locations to use as a base, the type of accommodation to expect, and suggested itineraries for trips of different lengths

  • The photography section structures the landscape according to my experience in that location, grouping photography spots into manageable areas so that you can design your own trip and understand the terrain. It features maps, photographs and links to precise locations with parking information, so that each spot is easy to find and access. 

Page Design

Photography Travel Guides are designed on a template that displays well on mobile, ideal for travel with the guide. 

Each page has great photography and information about how to approach the location. It gives an idea of how long to spend and what you might capture. 

There are also links to Google Maps for the precise location and nearby parking areas, trailheads or other points of interest.

Mockup for illustration, actual map may have a different appearance

Digital Maps

Each Photography Travel Guide has an accompanying link to my private Google MyMaps for the location. Digital Maps are available separately or as part of a bundle with each photography travel guide.  


The map includes the information from the guide as layers, allowing you to visualise the information in the guide on the landscape. 

Pins in the map are accessible via the Google Maps app, so you can use the locations for navigation while on location, and get directions straight to the parking areas. 


I've travelled with my camera to 50 countries, and my images have sold as prints and appeared in publications around the world. The photography travel guides feature dozens of my best photographs with descriptions of how to approach each location.

Works Anywhere

Lofoten All Devices.jpg

Photography Travel Guides are available as a download from a private link after purchase. They are in PDF format and can be displayed on a variety of devices, making it easy to travel with on a phone, and flexible enough to explore in more detail on a bigger screen. 

The Digital Map uses Google My Maps and displays within the Google Maps app or in a web browser. You'll get instructions and information about using the map as a PDF after purchase, downloadable from a private link.

Available Guides

Photography travel guides are available for Iceland, Lofoten and Patagonia. The guides are available as eBooks directly from my website: click on the locations below to access each book.

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