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In The Frame

In The Frame is a free travel and photography magazine, delivered monthly to your inbox. You'll get the current issue as soon as you subscribe.

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In The Frame

Location  |  Image  |  Technique

In The Frame features three articles each month, covering a location, an image and a technique.


Location: First, we explore a particular photography spot, going into detail about the area and the images you can capture there. 

Image: Next, we study one image from location to final edit, in an end-to-end tutorial about how I created the photograph. 

Technique: Finally, we discuss one particular technique I use in creating my images, on topics ranging from composition to editing. 

Why is it Free?

Many bloggers produce a newsletter to keep in touch with their audience, and I wanted to develop that concept into something more in-depth. I love the process of designing books and written media, and was excited by the idea of producing a magazine. I hope In The Frame will be supported by donations and other book purchases. 

Supporting In The Frame

There are three ways you can support this project and help me keep producing In The Frame: 


1.  Share with others and help me grow an audience for the magazine and my other work.


2.  If you find the magazine useful or interesting, considering buying me a coffee with the attached form.


3.  Check out my travel guides and photography eBooks in the store

If you like In The Frame and would like to support the project,  you can buy me a coffee or lunch

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