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portrait of a photography in front of a mountain


Hi, I'm Kevin, a landscape and travel photographer with experience exploring fifty countries with my camera. My photographic style is based on simple arrangements, rich colour and finding shapes and patterns in the landscape.


Shutter Safari is a collection of landscape photography and travel advice, where you'll find articles showing how I create my images, advice for making the most of your own photography adventures, and guide books on travelling for photography. 

I specialise in independent travel for photography, spending time in each location to explore the landscape and uncover new compositions. I hope my articles and books can help you with your own images and adventures.


This is my collection of articles about travel and photography, where you can find destination guides and step-by-step tutorials for how I created some of my images

(I know, there are only two destinations so far. I'm working on it)


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A book about landscape photography
A book about photography and travel in Patagonia

I have written two books about landscape photography: a guide to composition and editing and a photographer's travel guide for Patagonia. Both are available as eBooks in the shop. 


I've travelled with my camera to 50 countries, and my images have sold as prints and appeared in publications around the world.

A piece of driftwood in a lake in Patagonia
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