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portrait of a photography in front of a mountain


Hi, I'm Kevin, a landscape and travel photographer with experience exploring fifty countries with my camera. My photographic style is based on simple arrangements, rich colour and finding shapes and patterns in the landscape.


Shutter Safari is a collection of landscape photography and travel advice, where you'll find articles showing how I create my images, advice for making the most of your own photography adventures, and guide books on travelling for photography. 

I specialise in independent travel for photography, spending time in each location to explore the landscape and uncover new compositions. I hope my articles and books can help you with your own images and adventures.

Photography Travel Guides

My goal is to create a set of travel resources helping photographers to plan their trips. So far I have written three travel guides for photographers.

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Travel and Photography Magazine

In The Frame is a free travel and photography magazine, delivered monthly to your inbox. You'll get the current issue as soon as you subscribe.

Each issue features three articles: a location, an image, and a technique. We explore one great place for photography, study an image in-depth, and talk about a composition or editing technique that I use in my photography. 

Thanks for subscribing. Check your inbox for a link to the magazine.


This is my collection of articles about travel and photography, where you can find destination guides and step-by-step tutorials for how I created some of my images

Landscape Photography: Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes is my book about composition and editing in landscape photography. The book follows the story of twenty images from location to final edit, tracking the whole process of composing, capturing and editing a photograph.


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