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Lofoten Photography Digital Map

Lofoten Photography Digital Map

Get access to my private Google MyMaps for traveling in Lofoten, which features more than 140 pins with images and detailed descriptions. 


The map shows photography spots, parking locations, hiking trailheads and useful travel advice. Using this interactive resource, you can explore information as a mapping layer, and get directions straight to the locations featured in Google Maps.


50+ photography spots are marked on the map, separated into an A-list and a B-list to help prioritise your shoots. You can use the A-list to guide your plans, ensuring you get to the best locations for the best light. Use the B-list as list of extra opportunities to visit if you are near the location or want to start a wider exploration. 


Other pins mark trailheads, parking areas and points of information, and the pins come with explanations, recommendations and advice.


What you get


A PDF document which contains detailed instructions on how to access and use the map, which is available to download from a private link after purchase.

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