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Landscape Photography: Behind the Scenes eBook

Landscape Photography: Behind the Scenes eBook

This guide to landscape photography follows the story of twenty images. It explores the decisions made, the composition techniques used, the settings and edits applied: everything which goes into creating a finished photograph from the landscape. 


Rather than explain simple photography concepts with complete, finalised images, this book integrates the whole process of photography: from finding a composition, through setting up the camera, to editing the image. 


Each chapter is a behind-the-scenes guide to every stage of creating a single photograph. We go beyond the basics of photography and rules of composition to understand why we are drawn to subjects, how to lead a viewer around an image, and what makes up our photographic style.


Creating a landscape image often feels like a journey, with ups and downs, progress and setbacks, as we try to find a way to capture the right features, work with the conditions, and create the finished photograph. The chapters take you on that journey: twenty guided tours through different landscapes to discuss the tools and techniques of photography.


Creating the book


My website contains many photograph tutorials which explain my decisions through each stage of creating in image. This book takes that idea and expands it for a full discussion of landscape photography, using twenty images chosen to show a wide range of composition and editing techniques and how they are used in practice.


What you get


A 260 page eBook, which you can download from a private link after purchase. The eBook is in PDF format and can be displayed on a variety of devices

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