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Teatro Amazonas

April 18, 2012 | 2 minute read | By Kevin Read

In my pre-trip research I became a little over enthusiastic about Manaus and the Teatro Amazonas. The economics of Manaus are fascinating and the theatre is, I believe, something of a representation of that as well as something interesting to research in itself

During my stay there, I had lunch with an interesting playwright from Manaus and his ambitious friend, who works as the director for culture for the state of Amazonas. They were both into in art and writing, and I not only felt that I’d been very lucky to meet such like minded people where I least expected it, but I learned far more about Manaus and the Theatre than I ever would have with books and the internet.

Stupidly, though I left them my information, I didn’t get their contact details. So, part of the reason for this post is as an advert, a kind of ‘missed connection’, except without the usual desperation and slight chance that I might be a serial killer. They explained that there weren’t a great deal of photographers in Manaus and that they want to set up a website for the Teatro Amazonas, and here I am with more than 200 high-resolution pictures of the theatre and no way to get in touch with them. Hopefully, one of them will find the card I gave them and see this. If so, I have a contact form up there on the right…


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