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Balloons Against the Sunrise

July 27, 2013 | | By Kevin Read

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Every morning before dawn, an army of small trucks and vans spills out from the roads around Goreme in Cappadocia, Turkey, and spreads out around the fields and valleys. This is the one of the most popular places in the world to go hot air ballooning, and the earliest part of the day is the best time to do it.

The earliest part of the day is never my best time for anything, but with such a rare opportunity I had packed my bag and set an alarm the night before, for 4:45AM. Hiking two miles to a pre-chosen spot on a nearby ridge, I was able to look across the valleys and watch the balloons taking off from above.

It was a hazy morning, and the yellow-orange light of the sun shone through it behind a set of balloons as they took off. I captured this image with my camera pointed directly at the sun, creating silhouettes of the balloons against the colours.

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