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I am a photographer from Devon in the South West of England. I’ve been interested in travel ever since a day in 2005 when I realised that almost anyone is allowed to book themselves on to a flight and go somewhere.

I started simple: weekend breaks in France, and short organised trips further away. I was shy about trying to speak a new language, hated ever having to go without a shower and nervous about arriving in a city I knew nothing about. I’m still all of those things, but as I got better at ignoring them, I traveled more adventurously.

With each trip I went on, the amount of camera equipment I took with me increased, until one day, when I was packing, the usual spare pair of shoes I would shove into my small pack lost out to an extra lens. I still love travelling for the same reasons I always did, but photography has become an essential part. Today I travel with a pair of sandals and 3 lenses.

Shutter Safari is my asynchronous travel blog; a collection of stories and photographs from 8 years of travelling. It’s not in a particular order and most of the time I am not posting about my current location, but whenever I can make notes and post photographs, they end up here eventually.

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