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2017 In Photographs

January 2, 2018 | | By Kevin Read

Time for the annual not-quite-best-of blog post, with a collection of some of my favourite images of the last year. 2017 had some good opportunities to practice larger landscape photography and I was lucky to get two aurora hunting trips at the beginning and end.

Fishing Huts | Hamnoy, Norway

It was this scene in a magazine that made me want to visit Northern Norway and, although it’s a well-photographed spot, it’s a great place to spend an evening with the camera. The full moon was behind me and lit up the mountains almost as if it was daylight.

Minimalist Seascape | Vik, Iceland

I’ve seen a lot of minimalist landscape photography this year, and was eager to try a few large-scale minimal seascapes on my trip to Iceland. The black sand really helps to cut out distractions and limit the image to smooth textures.

Small Chapel in the Shade | Tuscany, Italy

This tiny chapel was full of texture and muted colours, which was just right for photographing until the sun hit the front of the chapel around midday.

Light on the Peak | Lofoten Islands, Norway

The best photograph I almost didn’t bother with, as there was nowhere good to park and I was determined to get to another location before the sun completely disappeared. Fortunately the sun sets so slowly in the Arctic circle in winter that I had time to capture a few images of the last of the sun hitting this mountain peak.

Black Church | Budir, Iceland

An amazing foreground for aurora photography, but this church is lit with floodlights at night, making it hard to capture from most angles.

Sea Stack | Talisker Bay, Scotland

A fun photography project, which required careful treading around slippery rocks and then several attempts to get the right wave. Wellies required.

Sunrise over Tuscany | Val D’Orcia, Italy

It’s hard to pick just one sunrise shot over Tuscany, and most mornings it was possible to stand in one place and see photographs in every direction.

Aurora over Skogafoss | Skogafoss, Iceland

I was very spoiled to get a clear night while staying within walking distance of Skogafoss, and especially so for the aurora to come out just as I got there and set up the camera. I’m actually in this photograph – I asked a stranger to activate my shutter while I ran over to the falls and lit it with my headtorch.

Pink Sunset with Snow Moon | Lofoten Islands, Norway

An incredibly lucky clear night on my first evening in Lofoten, and the full moon rose into this scene as I was looking for somewhere to stop.

Glowing Ice | Diamond Beach, Iceland

A big part of the reason I returned to Iceland for a second visit was that my day at Diamond Beach the first time was not as long or fun as it could have been. I spent all day photographing the big chunks of ice on this beach, and captured this with the sun directly behind the ice in the late afternoon.

The Black Church | Budir, Iceland

One of my favourite structures in Iceland to play with in making some simple compositions.

Plane Wreck | Sólheimasandur, Iceland

It was a 4km hike across a freezing lava field in the dark, but it was worth it to have this iconic plan wreck to myself for an hour with the aurora lighting up the sky in the background

Farmland at Dawn | Val D’Orcia, Italy

The closest I came to seeing mist in the valleys in Tuscany, this scene of hay bales and curving hedges was one of my favourites. It took some time walking up and down to separate the trees and hay bales as much as possible.

Midnight Aurora | Lofoten Islands, Norway

We got up at 5am (from a late night) for the flight up to the north from Oslo, then had hours of winter driving to find accommodation, but I was determined to drag my friend out to find some aurora. 20 hours after getting up, we were still out on this freezing fjord.

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