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2016 In Photographs

January 2, 2017 | 4 minute read | By Kevin Read

Eager to start a tradition, I have pulled together some of my favourite pictures of 2016 for the second annual ‘almost best of’ blog post.

Caney Creek Falls | Alabama, USA

It was just early enough in the summer that there was still water flowing over some of the waterfalls in the South, and Caney Creek Falls turned out to be one of the most impressive. I had it to myself for the first 45 minutes and liked this angle the most for the patterned rocks in the foreground.

Curving Staircase | Porto, Portugal

Somewhere I read that if you see an ‘s’ curve you should always make a picture, but rarely do they come as perfectly formed as this stairwell in a market in Portugal.

Marine Iguana | Galapagos Islands

It’s hard not to trip over the abundance of marine iguanas on the Galapagos islands, so it was possible to get within easy range for a portrait of this one resting in the sun.

City Window | Medellin, Colombia

I’m always reluctant to use obvious natural framing like this, but even in real life the dark interior and tinted window of this museum made the cityscape outside look like a painting on the wall.

Flowing Tree Roots | Alabama, USA

My favourite composition from several days exploring forests in Alabama this summer. Nothing in this image gives away how miserably hot it was there.

Castle Stalker | Glen Coe, Scotland

Just one of many images made that night, as there were photographers lining the shore for an image of Castle Stalker at sunset.

Yellow Tulip | Home Studio

During a quiet period between trips I set up a home studio and finally got around to making a series of detailed portraits of flowers against a dark background.

Blue Footed Booby | Galapagos Islands

The poster bird for Galapagos, my only problem with this photograph is that the crab on the rock is too dark to stand out.

Dappled Light Waterfall | Fort William, Scotland

My friend and I spent several hours with this waterfall. Briefly the sun came out in just the right spot to cast dappled shadows over the rocks.

Fading Balcony | Porto, Portugal

The side light on this building brought out an amazing shade of blue on a balcony a few stories up.

Pelican at Sunrise | Galapagos Islands

One of 20 near-identical shots of sunrise that morning – this is the one in which the pelican chose to cooperate.

City Street Abstract | Porto, Portugal

Taken from the top of a distant tower, these elements (the part on the left is an overpass) came together for this abstract of a park from an unusual perspective.

Leaf in the Stream | Dartmoor, Devon

A simple composition of a bright leaf on a rock in a stream.

Lone Tree on a Hill | Glen Coe, Scotland

This tree was under thick cloud when I first saw it, but with a bit of patience (a lot of patience – this was Scotland) the grey background cleared for a bright blue sky.

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